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Corporate - Join Dave's Fan Club

Corporate - Join Dave's Fan Club


Determined by the size of your organization Join an exclusive group of people that Dream, Adapt, & Overcome. We find purpose and connection through in our struggles. We understand the limitations of ourselves and the necessity of others. We lift each other up and encourage each other to persevere. As a member of Dave’s Fan Club, he will make himself available to you. You will get exclusive access to his video journal. When his schedule permits, Dave will host motivational Zoom calls to encourage all of you to stay positive, productive, and hopeful. Join Dave as he shares his journey to the 2022 Winter Olympics. Membership comes with its perks. In addition to being recognized on all media platforms, member of his fan club you will also receive:


  • Schedule motivational Zoom calls
  • Dave will spend a day at your organization
  • Personalized autographed photo
  • Dream, Adapt, & Overcome T-Shirt
  • Dream, Adapt, & Overcome Coffee Mug
  • Dave Fan Club Decal
  • Access to his video journal
  • Automatically entered all Memorabilia raffles
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